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DMACC's Celebration of Literary Arts: Matthew Dickman and Kazim Ali - Shared screen with speaker view
Timothy Ott
Thank you so much for being with us today! I have been looking forward to this particular reading for a long time.
Timothy Ott
That's beautiful! And I have to say it is such a privilege to hear you read it. If I were just reading this, so much would be lost that comes through in the way you read this.
Timothy Ott
Because of the pandemic, I have watched every single episode of Star Trek: Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine, so I love this!
Timothy Ott
And if it weren't for Avery Brooks' amazing voice and charisma, the character of Captain Sisko would be cheesy and terrible. But he makes that character work.
Rebekah Patterson
Wow! I love all the visuals you are using in your poetry, I feel like I'm listening to a story!
Timothy Ott
Thank you! Amazing!
Timothy Ott
I love the advice of being kind to yourself. It contrasts with the advice of another speaker we had, Benjamin Percy, who focuses a lot of grit being a trait a writer needs. It's not contradictory advi ce, but complimentary.