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DMACC's Celebration of Literary Arts: Tim Seibles and Jill McCorkle - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Freeman
thanks for being here! really appreciate this series and all the panelists who are giving their time to be involved
Timothy Ott
I can relate to all that. One of my biggest challenges when I write is I imagine characters that I like and want to see them interact, but it can be hard thinking of how I can 1) get them in the same room as each other and 2) get them to start talking to each other at more than a superficial level
Timothy Ott
That was awesome!
Francis Cooper
that's excellent! I am clapping behind my computer screen
Timothy Ott
I was listening to that reading with my dog on my lap
Timothy Ott
Bravo! There are a lot of people in my town I'd like to read that MAGA hat poem to.
Francis Cooper
Tim, thank you for reading those--your poem about the man with a toothache is beautiful, and I had to remind myself to continue breathing as you read the MAGA hat poem
Timothy Ott
I hope I live forever so I have time to read everything I want and write a dozen drafts of everything I want to write
Cole Griffin
Thank you both so much, and shout out to the great host!
Alyssa Love
Thank you all for being here and putting this on for all of us! I really appreciate the looks at different kinds of literature!
Francis Cooper
thank you!
Timothy Ott
Thank you both!
Eve Oromo
Thank you both! You guys are awesome!