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DMACC's Celebration of Literary Arts: Aimee Nezhukumatathil and Ross Gay - Shared screen with speaker view
Timothy Ott
I was in the Grand Canyon during the election (I did vote absentee)--I came out of the Canyon to find out the Cubs had won the World Series and Trump had won the election...I can relate to that experience leading to a re-exertion of focus onto making positive contributions.
Aimee N.
thank you, all!
Aimee N.
yay for fungal duff!!
Adrienne Crezo
"laughter" LOL
Stephanie Lenox
I love that distinction, Ross. Instead of "show, don't tell," we should "ask, not tell."
Stephanie Lenox
"ask, no tell"
Timothy Ott
I think there's a link between curiosity and humility. It also takes some confidence and bravery to ask questions, but still, with age, some people have their ideas get more crystallized, the questions stop coming. They feel less a need to ask, more a need to tell. Other people have the humility to know the more they learn, the more they realize they don't know. And the world becomes more interesting.
Michael Freeman-Villegas Cruz
I definitely agree with you Timothy Ott. It takes a lot of bravery to ask hard questions, to say what you need to say, and to learn what you need to learn. so many people have been hardened the last 5/6 years. We need to keep that wonder.
Aimee N.
medusa variation myths
Stephanie Lenox
Thank you, Aimee and Ross!
Timothy Ott
Thank you both so much, it was wonderful! And when we're all vaccinated and y'all are ready for a booth again, come visit Teluwut Grille House & Pub in Osage, IA, and vodka and grapefruit juice will be on the house!
Rachel Rix
Thank you, this was amazing!
Michael Freeman-Villegas Cruz
Thank you!!
Rebekah Patterson
Thank you both so much I appreciate it!
Adrienne Crezo
This was so good! Loved it. Thank you all!
Eve Oromo
Thank to you both!! Amazing readings